They are defined in the act of the 25th July 2002:

The ORK has to

  1. give its opinion on draft laws and regulations concerning children's rights and suggest amendments.
  2. inform about the children’s situation and ensure the application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  3. present an annual report to the Government and to the Chamber of deputies on the situation of children’s rights in Luxembourg as well as on its own activities.
  4. promote the development of children’s freedom of expression and their active participation in issues concerning them.
  5. examine the situations in which children’s rights are not respected and make recommendations on possible remediation.
  6. receive informations and complains regarding offences against children’s rights, try to mediate and give advices in order to ensure the best possible protection for children.

The committee members have free access to private and public institutions engaged in an ambulant and stationary assistance for children and have the possibility to consult their records.



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