The current committee was appointed by the Grand Duke for a term of 5 years (2013-2017)

  • Chair:
    • René SCHLECHTEROmbudsman for the Rights of the Child
  • Vice-President:
    • Andrée BIRNBAUM, Master o.A. Social work
  • Members:
    • Michelle Entringer, Journalist
    • Claudine ERPELDING, Lawyer
    • Paula MARTINS, Member of the Confederation of the Portuguese Community in Luxembourg CCPL, Member of the União Portuguesa Despotiva Wormeldange UDP Präsidente Committee twinning Wormeldange-Mortagua
    • Fernand SCHINTGEN, Social education worker


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2, rue Fort Wallis
L-2714 Luxembourg
Tel: 26 123 124

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